ServicesimageimageReiki is an ancient Japanese form of hands-on healing. If you do not like to be touched, the practitioner can hover their hands over your body. No personal areas are touched during a healing. Reiki promotes relaxation, peace and overall sense of well-being. It helps a person to connect with their inner spirit and helps with pain relief and the ability to focus and meditate. All session are private and confidential.
How do I prepare for a treatment?
It is recommended that you eat a light meal a few hours before your treatment. Loose comfortable clothing is also recommended. You should always empty your bladder before a session. Notify your practitioner if you have an electronic device such as a pacemaker, hearing aid or any other implants. Inform your provider of any places which ache or to exercise caution when treating you. The energy movement can change the frequency of these devices.
During and After Treatment Questions
Relax and enjoy your session. Many of my clients have fallen asleep on the table. Let your practitioner know of any discomfort you may experience during treatment. After your session, drink plenty of water. You have had the release of energy blocks and you need to keep your body well hydrated. Your dream pattern may be a bit off with very vivid dreams. Reiki allows the subconscious to bring to the surface things you are ready to release. Some people have said that they did not feel well after a session. They did report feeling better the following day. We sometimes feel pain in order to feel better.