My name is Jean Hinzmann.

 I am a Reiki Master and Psychic Medium.  Many people ask me how long have I had my gifts and what experience and classes have I taken to become a Master Level Teacher.

First of all, I have been blessed with the gift of sight all of my life.  At times, it was a bit surreal predicting the future at the same time allowing me to prepare for events in my life.  On the other side of the coin, I was shut down depending on the circumstances in my life. I was raised in a Catholic family so my gifts were not developed until I became an adult.

I started to realize about ten years ago, that I had special abilities.  I was able to tell when someone was pregnant as well as being to tell if someone was going to die soon.  I was not afraid of these occurrences when they first started to happen; rather I took notice of the frequency and accuracy of them.  I also felt that this was a way that I was somehow being prepared to cope with situations.  My dreams throughout my life have been very vivid but I noticed that they were becoming increasingly accurate in foreshadowing events  that were happening to me.

I saw a medium and she clearly stated that I was a medium and suggested I get trained in honing my skills.  I was about to retire from teaching so I had the freedom to pursue my passion.  I started reading as many books that I could find on the subject.  I became a member of a church group that offered mediumship and classes.  I started to attend different classes and narrowed down my passions to mediumship and healing.

I took my first healing class and realized that while I was working on people that I saw and heard images.  The first time it happened; I was a bit taken back as the person I described was my friend’s deceased mother.  My friends said that they experienced an incredible sense of peace and comfort after I worked on them.  This led me to enroll in a Reiki class.  I have been practicing Reiki for four years now and find my skills and abilities to grow with each session.  I have trained with the same Reiki Master and continue to increase my skills.

My mediumship skills have always been with me since childhood.  I have trained with mediums in Lily Dale as well as visiting speakers to the Spiritualist Camp.  I have also attended various other seminars taught by specialist in this field.  I am also under the tutelage of an ordained Lily Dale minister.  My belief is that you never stop learning.